How state of the art drivers get better…


Quality and precision assembly on all woofer models is better than ever — more and more will be done here in USA too. Plus, in coming model updates you’ll see us trickle down some of our most costly features and materials.

To complement our aerospace grade aluminum (Al) cones we’ll be adding more incredibly light and stiff Rohacell(R) cones, soon laminated with basalt fabric, and FEA 3D modeling of our high-tech surrounds. This sort of “over the top” product choice is pretty common around here. It takes a lot of dedication and technology to span the range of products we do in the end.

Look over TC Sounds driver offerings and you’ll quickly conclude we have a stunning woofer for any small enclosure, large enclosure, vented, sealed — pretty much anything you might dream up as a designer. Square wound wire, stainless steel formers, there’s not much we won’t do to make your next driver your last.

All woofers are now getting extensive design guidance tables too. Let us know if you have questions about a project to show off your Sounds.