5 Year Warranty Information

TC Sounds designs many driver products with detachable top assemblies that makes potential repairs a simple five minute ordeal. This proprietary procedure is by far the easiest and fastest way to recone or repair a broken, damaged or destroyed driver. The entire frame, with all of the soft-parts can easily detach and be replaced without glue, shims or any risk of unaligned coils and user error. The other good news is we can ship you out a brand new top assembly without requiring any parts to be shipped back to us, so downtime is minimal. From start to finish the new assembly can be replaced by in about 5 minutes even by inexperienced hands.

Warranty Includes:

  • All manufacture defects
  • All obvious cosmetics
  • Improperly glued surrounds, suspensions, formers or misaligned coils
  • Detached or unglued surrounds
  • Broken cones from any forces from the driver itself not related to the impact of bottoming out the voice coil
  • Voice coils that collide with the gap or t-yoke under normal conditions where no preexisting abuse has occurred
  • Alignment of the voice coil or top assemblies/motors which don’t fit each other
  • Motor glues

Not Covered By Warranty:

  • Misuse or over excursion
  • Thermal abuse to the voice coil or glues around the voice coil
  • Thermal abuse to the lead wires on the spiders
  • Mechanical damage due to overexciting or excessive acceleration
  • Dents in the cone from bottoming out the driver or inadvertent force
  • Spider sag due to gravity in a down or up firing position for long periods of time
  • Damage due to moisture
  • Shipping damages
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Consequential damage on other components

Return Authorization

For technical or service support please send us an email at support@tcsounds.com. Proof of purchase will be required for return authorization. If your driver has a detachable top assembly and damage is not covered by warranty, a new replacement top assembly can be purchased from any TC Sounds authorized dealer or from TC Sounds directly.