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The deepest, cleanest, most powerful woofers come from TC Sounds

  • Axis 15inchAxis

    Perfection in small enclosures. Axis™ is high excursion and power handling, plus ultra-efficient voice coils in one.
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  • epic12_largeEpic

    Who says a world standard need be expensive? Epic™ drivers offer of our best features, affordably.
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  • LMSR 15inchLMS-R

    State of the art for small enclosure spaces. Long excursion, stunning power handling and ultra-efficient voice coils.Read More

  • Pro-5100Pro-5100

    Takes no prisoners. The best Pro-sound 18” woofer for under a grand? Expect this Neo wonder to wow.Read More

  • LMS-Ultra 5400LMS-Ultra 5400

    LIMITED TIME: Massive one-piece 18” AL cone, under-hung motor and LMS coil.  It’s an industry icon.  Read More

  • VMP 15inchVMP

    The mother of all PRs.  TCSounds VMP “passives” are unlike anything else on the market.  For the perfect DIY project.
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