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Redefine music and theater sound  in tight spaces with TC Sounds Axis™ woofers.

The  Axis line  features high motor force, long excursion and very high power handling.  The result is world-class power, clarity and depth for any mobile cabin, theater or studio application where small enclosure size and reference sound pressure levels are demanded.

TC Sounds Axis drivers start with a whopping 40+ pound motor, add pro-grade flat-wound 8-layer conductor voice coils and triple reinforced stainless steel formers.  All this technology work harder and smarter than lesser woofers.

Finally, room left over to enjoy music again.

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Video: TC Sounds Axis Quad VC Driver


  • High-temperature low eddy-current stainless steel voice coil former
  • Quad 1.2 ohm voice coil using 8-layer flat wound Aluminum wire
  • Extra-tall gap for higher BL and additional power-handling
  • 10″ linear spider suspension with large integral lead-wires
  • 225 oz. magnet motor structure
  • Tall profile XBR surround for 3″ peak-to-peak travel
  • Field-replaceable top assembly system
  • Axis 12 Dims: Diam. 12.6″ • Cutout: 11.2″ • Depth 7.8″ • Weight: 48.4 lbs.
  • Axis 15 Dims: Diam. 15.6″ • Cutout: 14.0″ • Depth 9.3″ • Weight: 53.2 lbs.

What people are saying

Excellent performer

“I use a pair of these little monsters in a stereo system crossed over at 60hz to my full range main speakers. I use very high end Von Schweikert speakers so needed something to add that last octave and sound good ….The only subs that I own that are better are my LMS Ultra’s in the home theater.”

Mjag – CA, USA

Best woofer ever

“If you are searching for absolute lows, with little to no distortion, and high power handling, then your search has ended.… Special effects hit hard, and mixing at sub frequencies (20-35hz) is MUCH quicker, as I can hear the actual tones, and not the sounds of the cone flapping…. The price, worth every penny.”

Audiolure – MA, USA


Standard small parameters, power and motor specifications listed below. These parameters are only a guildline to system design and expected response. Some of the parameters such as the Qts will shift with heat or excursion by more than 20%. There is no reason to model or expect exact constant parameters because of these natural non-linear shifts.

Thiele/Small Parameters

Parameter 12″ Axis 15″ Axis Description
Qts 0.35 0.39 Total Q
Qes 0.38 0.42 Electrical Q
Qms 6.3 6.7 Mechanical Q
Fs 27.8 23 Hertz, Free Air Resonance
Res 4.74 4.83 Ohms, DC resistance
Ls 8.7 9 H, series inductance
Le 6.09 6.3 mH, Nominal Inductance with voice coils in series
Le Parallel X Y mH, Nominal Inductance with voice coils in parallel
Lp 14.8 15.3 H, lossy series inductance
Rp 18.9 19.4 Ohms, loss across Lp
Dia 250 330 m meters, effective
Vas 39.8 127.6 liters, air volume equivalent
mms 279.6 384.9 grams, effective mass
cms 117.5 124.2 um/N, compliance
bl 24.8 25.3 T*m, motor strength
SplSens 85.4 87.5 dBSPL max @1W absorbed
Measured with Praxis (voice coil wired in parallel)

Power and Displacement

Parameter 12″ Axis 15″ Axis Description
Xmax 16.51 16.51 Millimeters, (voice coil – gap) / 2 (one way)
70% BL 34.29 34.29 Millimeters, BL is 0.7 original value (one way)
Xmech X Y Mechanical displacement limit (one way)
Long Term Power X Y Watts, 2 hour RMS limit
Program Power X Y Peak power limit & recommended RMS

Motor & Coil

Parameter 12″ Axis 15″ Axis Description
Nominal Impedance 4 4 Ohms, Approximate nominal load
Gap height 1.4 1.4 inches, millimeters
Coil height 2.7 2.7 inches, millimeters
Coil Layers 8 8 Flat wound aluminum
Coil size 3 3 Inches, former inside dimension
Maximum gap flux tesla
Force factor 135 135 Newtons2/watt