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Even though TCSounds won’t introduce subwoofers to the consumer market till early next year, we’ve had a long legacy of delighting music and home theater customers – going back over 20 years in fact.

Actually, some of the biggest and oldest brands in the home audio have used woofers built by TCSounds.  You rarely will hear about our name used but when you make the best it’s not necessary to shout about it.

But for an equally long time,  people did naturally ask “why not make the whole smash?”  That is, why make only drivers?  In part such specialization allows you to indeed become among the world’s woofer technology leaders.  Making high end bass drivers in our case, whether it be for the most expensive music subwoofer ever built, or the smallest, or the best known (or all of the above, as we have done at various times).

But no surprises, word gets around over the years, and eventually your company finds itself working with top-grade cabinet makers, others specializing in state of the art amplifiers, metal and plastics.   In short, you finally branch out and embark on a second act if you will.  So early 2013 enthusiasts will no doubt be eager to size up the first “turnkey” subwoofer from one of the most storied brands in woofer history.

It’s bound to be interesting.  After all, we created our first full models  specifically to compete with the best on the market.  Thankfully it’s an arena we know very well indeed.  And we’re just getting warmed up.