About this company

Making waves for a generation

Just because TCSounds helps the latest artists sound great, and support the trendiest clubs, or rock out in some crazy expensive cars… we’re still a small Southern California company at the end of the day.  Just one doing so in a decidedly big way, with big ideas which have become industry standards over the years.

In fact, for nearly three decades our unique audio company has been the go-to source for high-tech, high-performance woofers or other products. Whether you’re a long-time audiophile or new to the sound industry, you have probably encountered one of our famous woofers.  We’ve built for the very top brands in the business.

Understandably some of those we design and build for choose to talk about our contributions, other times we remain strictly behind the scenes.  No matter to us.  Whether high-end professional audio, home or even automotive sound, our products might be inside the stuff you have always lusted after.

Small, persistent, and making waves for the world

Given so much history in the business, our list of friends in high-fidelity audio is rich with the legends of the industry.  The best minds in the business have long been friends much as colleagues – and  while the staff has varied in size over the years, we’re still small, still independent and privately held.

Core principles have remained similarly consistent.  Our mission is always simple:  Design, build and sell the best audio components possible at any given price we might reach.  This obsession for defining state of the art performance now applies to to full audio systems too.

Of course we stated life as an international team, but there’s more activity and parts from the USA coming soon.  Even when it might be more expensive we know world-class “content” makes for a better product over the long-haul.  After all, San Diego California has been our home office for nearly three decades but TC Sounds can be found now working in Asia, and in multiple US locations too.

As always, the people who design and build your TC Sounds gear are the same ones answering your notes.